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FOX News
May 19, 2012 4:00pm PDT
demonstrators, police have had to deal with there. our steve brown will join us live outside the chicago courthouse where the suspects were earlier today, coming up inside the fox report. within the hour we expect to hear from that blind chinese activist, remember? he sparked a diplomatic stand off when he escaped house arrest and hid out in or american embassy in that country. a plane carrying chin guanchen ge and his wife, this is video into fox news of him departing china earlier and he's here, ending a month of unternt that tested relation between washington and beijing and it began when cheng sought refuge at the u.s. embassy there after escaping his home. authorities had turned it into a makeshift prison. cutting the human rights advocate off from the rest of the world. but now, again here, in the u.s., where he'll attend law school, we're told at nyu on a fellowship. doug mcelway is live in washington and, i understand they are already putting out the welcome mat. >> reporter: they are, after landing in europe, he's expected to go to manhattan where a welcome ceremony is planned a
FOX News
May 12, 2012 4:00pm PDT
400,000 to help cover the costs. news comes on the day that california governor jerry brown said the state's definite is 16 billion. >> and a fire tears through a busy high school and storm lights up a city sky. oregon two students arrested after a fire destroyed part of their high school. most of them thought it was a drill until they saw a smoke billowing from the roof. it is in that situation and i didn't know what to think. i was just overwhelmed . nature putting on a show in houston and part of a larger storm system that dumped plenty of rain and hail and knocked out power to thousands of people. >>> and california, 20 beagles enjoyed the first taste of freedom and that isa rescue and first trip outside . scientist using the testing to spur the rescow. they are trying to find them loving hopes >> greatest thing is seeing them drive off in the new homes. your heart sings and on the other hand you can't help but smile. i just saved my dog. >> and ohio, dream date becomes a reality. original date backed out and joyce grinddle asked cleveland quarterback joe hayden if he would e
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)